Vendors will be subject to rules and regulations as prescribed by Heartland Carwash Association, and subject to all rules, regulations and conditions under which the Meadows Conference Center has leased space to the association. The exhibitor also agrees to operate their exhibit in accordance with rules of the Iowa Fire Regulations and shall comply with such interpretations as made by the fire department having jurisdiction over the Meadows Conference Center. Such conditions become a part of this contract.

The exhibitor shall limit exhibits to products manufactured or distributed by the exhibitor in the regular course of their business. Exhibitors may not assign or sublet any booth or portion thereof, without the prior approval of HCA. The association is not responsible for the safety or security of exhibits and exhibitors shall hold HCA harmless from any and all claims resulting in damage to products on exhibit or personnel working in the exhibitor’s booth.

The association reserves the right to terminate this contract for failure to comply with these rules and regulations. All matters not covered specifically by this contract are subject to the Product Show Rules and/or decisions made by HCA’s Board of Directors.