WaterSavers®, a program of the International Carwash Association®, is the industry’s award-winning recognition program to help professional car washes promote their environmentally-responsible business practices.

The HEARTLAND CARWASH ASSOCIATION is a member of the WaterSavers Alliance, which means that your business can now become a WaterSavers member. This easy-to-implement program provides you with a professional way to promote your environmental stewardship practices and differentiate your businesses from other car washes.


What Consumers are Saying

Consumers today are more educated and aware of environmental issues than ever before. With this knowledge and awareness comes greater responsibility and attachment and many are showing their support for the environment in the way they spend their income. Need more proof? Check out these statistics from some recent studies and surveys*:


75% of consumers say it’s important or very important for companies to provide information about the environmental impacts of their products.
53% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses with a green reputation and 80% are concerned about the environment.
71% of consumers in North America believe, “It is important that companies take environmentally responsible actions”.

With such a clear focus on the environment, can you afford not to promote your environmentally-friendly practices?

*Sources: ICA Consumer Study, Tandberg Global survey, Nielsen Global Online Survey, GfK Roper Consulting, Boston Consulting Group.

Member Benefits

By becoming a WaterSavers member, not only are you showing your commitment to a greener community, but you are also promoting the fact that you are an industry leader. Here’s how you can get that message out to the masses and help your business reach new heights:

Use of the WaterSavers logo –include the logo on all of your marketing materials, from business cards to websites and even in your ads.
Increased awareness and recognition – by being a member you stand to gain some public exposure from a new, multi-year public relations campaign that will publicize the positive environmental practices of car washes.

Customizable marketing resources – access to a wide variety of customizable promotional materials such as signage, banners and marketing templates to help market your water-saving techniques to your customers, passersby and local water regulators.

Environmental reports – access to reports that cover water use and other topics that relate to the carwash industry.

Inclusion in the WaterSavers directory – be part of the directory that consumers will use to help find WaterSavers locations in their community.

Green tips and tricks – access to useful information that can help your wash operate with less impact on the environment.
And more!